Lunch Money – Mobile App

To kick off this project, a high-level document of requirements was provided by the business bullet-pointing the functions and features that the app should include. The true understanding of how these worked in the experience was through understanding the User Journey. The User Journey was based off of Personas, or fictional characters based on user we’re desiging for. The persona’s background, goals, pain points, etc. provided a reference point throughout the design of the app of a real customer and encouraged consideration of varying users.

To start architecting the app focus a site map was put together. An important step of the user centered the process, site maps ensure content is placed where users would expect to find it. These would also be used as a reference point for wireframes, functional specifications and conceptual maps.

Then connecting the site map’s information architecture to the visual, many iterations on low-fidelity wireframes were created. The wires displayed content hierarchy within the space allowed, taking into consideration character count and development feasibility. These were also designed for quick user tests using Invision, to gain quick feedback from users allowing us to quickly interate on the next version.

Next step was building out a hi-fi prototype using Sketch and Invision. Screens were created quickly using a design system from symbols, overrides, etc. Time was spent on making astethetics looks consistent but not complete to allow for ideations on the final look and feel.